The importance of walks in a dog’s life

couple walking a small dog on a leash

Walking your dog every day is essential for his balance and well-being.

woman walking a brown dog over a bridge

1 – Walk your dog: Why is a walk essential for your dog?

First, the walk helps meet your dog’s needs. Dogs must be active and being indoors all the time creates a lot of upbringing and behavior problems.

In addition, walks strengthen the relationship you have with your dog by having a good time with him every day.

And lastly, it will affect his well-being, so you will have a better education and a stable dog.

2 – How to organize the perfect walk for your dog?

As a priority, it makes you find the right equipment and educate your dog (walking on a leash, recall and waiting are the essential indications)

Then, organize sufficient walking time for your dog, adapted to its needs. However, pay attention to age, physical needs and the heat outside (to avoid heatstroke and burns to the pads in town). Ideally, a walk should last at least 30 minutes a day, even for dogs who have a backyard.

Finally, remember to control the environment: the walk should be fun for everyone. Be careful of external stimuli that your dog will not be able to manage and remember to change the walk route regularly to stimulate your dog.

Woman laughing and holding a leash of a brown French bulldog while it is lying on the middle of the road
Lady, this walk is over!

3 – Dog walk: The perfect walk:

A perfect walk is above all a walk suitable for your dog. It will depend on the environment, their needs, education, socialization, etc.

Step 1. Start the controlled walk at home – put on the walking equipment and control the doorways: by doing this you are working on self-checks, excitement, education and space management.

Step 2. Relax your dog. Ideally let go. Certainly, more complicated in town or for dogs with strong predatory instincts or for sensitive dogs, but also for dogs with a lack of educational bases, not to mention category dogs. If it is impossible to let go, consider putting on a 10 meter lanyard with a harness attached to the back, in order to give it some freedom of movement and the possibility for it to follow the odors present in its path.

Giving your dog the opportunity to smell the scents is essential, which is why it is recommended not to talk to him too much. Leave it in its bubble. Of course, if your dog likes to play with other dogs and can run into them and have fun on the walk, that’s a great thing.

At the same time, you can offer him some positive interactions: a few reminders with a few games sessions.

And finally, give your dog the opportunity to relax

woman walking a brown French bulldog in a New York street

Step 3. To end the walk, you can recall, accompanied by a little walking on a leash, using positive reinforcements and with or without the leash depending on your dog’s level.

Step 4. And finally, consider offering a treat when you get home or a game session.

Upon returning from your walk, your dog should be calm and relaxed. If he’s frustrated, it means your ride didn’t last long enough.

The importance of walks in a dog’s life

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