The German Shepherd

German shepherd lying on the grass

The German Shepherd represents the largest dog population in the world, no doubt thanks to its ability to learn and work ethics. Indeed, descended from the sheepdog, it benefits from exemplary endurance, courage and intelligence capacities. At work, he developed a sense of obedience, loyalty and vigilance.

By its morphology and its character, it exudes a feeling of total balance. Endowed with foolproof nerves, he remains in constant listening to his master. His education and training are a real pleasure. With his elegance devoid of oscillation, the trotter, he is tireless and can, for hours, follow a trail. What are the origins of the German Shepherd breed? What are the characteristics of German Shepherd dogs? What are the common diseases in German Shepherd dogs? Everything about the German Shepherd: character, morphology, health, behavior,

Table of content

1 Morphology of the German Shepherd
2 Activity of the breed
3 Skills
4 Character
5 Care for German Shepherd Dogs
6 German Shepherd’s health

Morphology of the German Shepherd

It is a good sized dog that measures between 60 and 65 cm at the withers for a male, with a weight varying from 30 to 40 kg. The female is 2 to 3 cm smaller, and lighter too. Its ears are medium in length and well erect. Her tawny robe is topped with a black cloak extending from neck to tail. The coat is mid-length, although shorter on the head, thick and tight. There is a long-haired variety that is rarer and less sought after.

German shepherd standing in the meadow

German Shepherd Dog Activity

The German Shepherd is an action dog that needs a lot of energy. Its natural sports faculties require a reasonable living space. He can live in an apartment, as long as he is at least 2 hours a day in large spaces, since he still has a clear preference for the outdoors.

Skills of the German Shepherd

Still employed in the army and the police (for tracking, rescue and defense), he is a dog who loves and feels the need to be useful. This is why he is very successful in these trades. Individuals will give him a guarding function of the house, which he will perform perfectly.

German shepherd climbing on the three
Skillful breed

German Shepherd character

He is a dog that needs to be led, to have authority, especially as his character is generally strong. It is imperative to make him understand who is the master for the relationship to be optimal. Beyond the necessary balance of power, it requires encouragement or fair punishments. If impartiality is respected, he will make a great companion thanks to his naturally cheerful character. Very balanced, he also enjoys cuddling, as long as he is not busy performing a function at the same time.

German shepherd on the leash sitting


Other than at a young age, the German Shepherd does not require special care. Regular brushing, if possible daily, will allow him to maintain a very beautiful coat, which he loses in abundance all year round. It should be fed according to its activities. With a great appetite, it nevertheless requires meat every day, combined with vegetables and grains. Most of the time, it is possible to opt for suitable kibble that the veterinarian will recommend. The female gives birth on average four puppies.


Naturally resistant, he is however victims of genetic defects. It is therefore very important to provide him with healthy food rich in calcium in particular. By the age of 8, he developed a problem with his hip joint. If he has been properly fed during his life, he will be able to cope with it almost until his death, otherwise the pain will be too great that he will not be able to move. This primary malformation is called coxofemoral dysplasia. He may also have degenerative myelopathy.

The German Shepherd

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