What your dog’s behavior says about you?

dog dalmatian putting his head on a table begging

If you live with a dog, you may be having a difficult time with him, even if you love him. Every human and dog has their own flaw. Have you ever wondered what these behavioral issues say about you? As the saying goes, “In order to solve a problem with the dog, you have to watch who is on the other end of the leash.”
So what do we do that causes our dogs to sometimes behave in infuriating or downright dangerous ways?

What your dog’s behaviors reveal about your repeated requests

Frank doesn’t obey no matter how many times you say “sit, sit, sit!” ! You’ve been repeating it for 2 minutes, but nothing happens! Would you be impatient?

Yelling at your dog a series of commands without giving him the time to take action is a sign of great impatience.
It’s exactly the same when you ask a friend, “Hey, how was your day, what did you do, seeing this show on TV?” Without waiting for him to answer.
Your dog doesn’t even have time to process the request, which you are already asking! In addition, you create a glaring lack of consistency. This is because by repeating yourself, you are teaching your dog to do what you ask him to do at the end of your repetition.
So don’t think your dog is disobeying you anymore. What your dog’s behaviors reveal is your inconsistency!

dog covering his eyes with its paw
You have been a very bad boy!

Your dog pulls on his leash on every walk

If a dog is walking its owner on the street, it can quickly become annoying for the one holding the leash. But, here’s a surprising secret, most dogs won’t naturally walk on a leash without pulling!
To teach your dog not to pull on a leash, you must teach him! Which means there is work. Do you have a hair in your hand? It doesn’t make you a bad person, but remember:
“Failure is not inevitable, but the inability to evolve can be. “
John wooden
So if you don’t put in the effort to educate your dog, you can’t get upset if he’s making your life difficult. It’s true for everything you haven’t taught your dog. What your dog’s behaviors reveal is that it takes effort to have an educated dog!

brown and gray puppy on a red leash
Curios puppy

Your dog calls out to you all the time

Is your dog a beggar? A meal cannot go by without seeing your dog’s shining eyes appear, which gives him that chewy look! We know, sometimes it’s hard to resist this naturally loving but opportunistic face.
If you can’t help but slip a little something to the dog, then you probably aren’t seeing the big picture. Giving in to what appears to be an inconsequential demand has long-term implications. We feed our dogs too much. They end up with diabetes and obesity problems. Obesity is one of the most common problems in the dog globally. It shortens their life.

Please! Just this once!

Your dog does not know how to settle down

Your dog spends his time circling around you, he jumps on you and doesn’t seem inclined to want to land. If your dog doesn’t have veterinary or upbringing concerns, chances are it is you.
Some dogs are naturally energetic. But, others are just emotional sponges. Clearly, their behavior will vary depending on your mood or your personality. So a person who gets angry easily will be much more likely to have an overly energetic dog in their home. Dogs feed off the energy around them. In addition, as a master you are their reference! So, to have a calm dog, you have to control his emotions.

Dog constantly barking at you

Really bad news for you. If your dog is barking at you all the time for something. There are many reasons a dog can bark. And this is a two-way street. If every time your dog barks you give him what he wants, you’ve taught him that the behavior is the right one. You give in easily or maybe it’s the rare times when you clearly care for your dog, even if it’s to yell at him!
Well, know that by opting for this behavior you have done your dog a disservice and shot yourself in the foot!
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Your dog has adaptive behaviors. He therefore adapts to his environment and to his human’s own behaviors. It just does what works, like all dogs do. However, do not panic, each dog is rehabilitated, just like the owners! Finally, I hope that if you have a dog in your home, it is because above all, you are a caring and loving person!

black dog standing next to a couch

What your dog’s behavior says about you?

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