10 tips to help your dog stay calm for the New Year

In many ways, New Years Eve comes with a lot of challenges for dogs. Indeed, the noise, the stress and sometimes the fireworks are a lot of upheaval and commotion. It can be very stressful for dogs.
If you’re worried about your dog’s behavior on New Year’s Eve, get a head start on making things better for both of you. Here are our ten tips to keep your dog calm and serene this evening.

1 Plan the evening in advance

First of all, don’t be surprised. You know a lot can happen on this party! Like fireworks, for example, or people screaming! So you have to plan ahead how to handle the evening. It will gradually become louder and more turbulent! Obviously, if you know your dog can’t handle noise and crowds well, you need to make sure that the two of you are prepared to deal with things when they do happen. But, the best is to desensitize your dog to what scares him gradually (so not at the last moment) and in a positive way.

white dog lying on the couch next to a Christmas three
I really dislike this time of year.

2 Have someone at home

If your dog is likely to be very stressed and maybe even a danger to him on New Years Eve, you may not be able to leave him alone. You may need to hire someone to stay home and take care of them. Decide in advance, professionals are very busy during this period!

3 You can restrict the space

Some dogs feel more secure if they are in an enclosed environment. Therefore, if this is the case with your dog, you can restrict him to a few rooms in the house. Some dogs love their kennel, cage, basket, or even their human’s room. It doesn’t matter, if it just makes him safe. Make sure that this room or place is comfortable and reassuring for your dog. He should see it as a safe place to rest and not as a punishment.
You can teach her what a “Happy Zone” is before the holidays and she will come in handy in many situations. To do this, simply make this area positive with things the dog likes (usually treats or toys) and never use them as punishment.

4 Hide stressful noises

Covering up, to some extent, the noise of fireworks and other street sounds, can help reduce the effect they have on your dog. This means that the radio or television may stay on and be a little louder than normal. If you use this trick, turn on the TV or radio upstream, before disturbing noises arrive. Otherwise, it will only add stressful noise to another. This tip should only be used on dogs that do not stress the noise of the TV or radio.

head of a white and black dog under a Christmas blanket
Just leave me be here under the blanket.

5 Close the curtains

In addition to the blasting of fireworks and the noise of people at parties, holiday lights can also upset and upset your dog. Close the curtains so your dog does not spot the lights too much. Some dogs will naturally take refuge in dark rooms.

6 Pheromone necklaces and diffusers

Pheromone diffusers, or collars designed to calm your dog down, can be very helpful this time of year. This indeed allows you to act on stress. Ask your vet what type of products they recommend and use them for your dog.

7 Keep your dog active

It’s not a good idea to take your dog for a walk on New Years Eve when everyone is celebrating. But, you must walk and exercise your dog before the end of the day. He will be more tired and less stressed by the party. A very tired dog will be less likely to panic or react badly to noise and stimuli, so prepare ahead for a long walk. Do not hesitate to do a game session or even tracking!
For tracking games it’s here: 10 flair games to do with your dog.

dog lying next to the christmas three
A, walk?! Now?!

8 Give your dog something to do

Keep your dog active all night long with occupancy toys. You can also interact with your dog if you spend the evening together. Ask him things he knows and reward him. Give him things to look for. In short, keep him busy!

9 Act normally

You should try to act normally. You are a role model for your dog. If you are worried, your dog is more likely to be, too. If you aren’t bothered by the noise and don’t worry, your dog will recognize it. Some dogs are real emotional sponges.

10 Protect your dog

When we are partying and our dog is present, we do not necessarily pay attention to the interactions that take place between him and the guests (adults and children). However, it is important to keep some control. Some people are unaware that a dog communicates stress through calming signals. They are therefore not aware that these signals can cause the dog to bite if they are not respected.
The dog is not a toy and should not become an unhealthy amusement for the guests. Likewise, children should not be left alone with the dog. Besides, it’s best to ask guests to ignore your dog. This will prevent the guest from asking for food or being overwhelmed by the behaviors of a guest.
If you decide to isolate your dog for his well-being, guests should not go bother him. Finally, don’t take him to see the fireworks. Most dogs think of its fires as a danger. Remember that dogs have very fine hearing, much better than that of humans. So it’s no wonder dogs are afraid of fireworks!
Whatever happens, take advantage of the end of the year. Make sure you have fun while protecting your dog. Remember, the one who drives is the one who does not drink! Happy New Year to all!

10 tips to help your dog stay calm for the New Year

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